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Some Ideas and Resources for GP Facilitators

Here are a some ideas which GP Educators may wish to use when facilitating small groups of GP Registrars. These notes are from workshops that the Severn Deanery has provided to develop the skills of GP Educators in facilitating groups of Registrars and other medical staff. I would appreciate feedback on how these documents could be improved - my email is at the foot of this page.

Some ideas about groups These are a few notes about how groups work, and some key intervensions that the Facilitor can make to enhance the work of the group.

Some detailed interventions Here are some ideas for interventions that Facilitators can make during group work.

Group Rules Here are some ideas for Group Rules and some notes for facilitators when discussing group rules for a new group.

Prezi presentation about Facilitating Small Groups We use this presentation during the Small Group Facilitation Workshops.

Planning Template for Educational Event This is a template that helps us plan a learning event. It is designed for those who have not have training about teaching methods, and is a blank template which helps us to identify our Aims and Objectives for the session, and then consider the best methods of delivering what we want the learners to learn.

Self Reflection Form after Facilitation Workshop This is a template for recording self reflections after the workshop. It is the same as the paper version given out during the workshop. This electronic version can be used instead, to facilitate recording reflections directly into an appraisal portfolio, or other web based collation of learning resources.

Damian Kenny is a Community Education Advisor for Gloucestershire, part of the team of GP Educators of the Severn School of Primary Care.

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